About Us

The Teacher Code is a blog mainly about research in the use of ICT within an educational context.  In addition, the blog will also share and discuss issues close to the hearts of the classroom teacher.  Be it marking,report writing or even the much loved senior management.  The blog will be running regular polls on issues that are close to the heart of the humble teacher. We want to know if you think Mr Gove has got it right. Are we using the internet correctly? Should we be using the internet at all? This blog will also be looking at other issues such as time and the teachers’ use of time. Do teachers get too much time off? Does the teacher’s job finish when the bell goes?

The blog will rely on your suggestions. Is there any topic you want researched, but do not have the time or the means to do it. Let us know at The Teacher Code and together we can find out. The blog will also publicise your research should it be in the interests of our readers, guidelines will be given for how the research should be presented.

The first topic that this blog will cover is the use of free resources in education. With the economy worsening and school budgets shrinking by the year schools are increasing having to make difficult choices with regards to acquiring essential resources and services. The research was conducted as part of a Master’s dissertation, original copy can be found here.


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